We are non profitable charitable organisation, raising money to ensure the protection of our endemic wildlife.  Basically all the money raised goes into the Trust Investment Fund with the interest being made available to established Wildlife Organisations, such as the wildlife sanctuary at Tawharanui, Maungatautari Ecological Island and the Kaka breeding program.

In this way we can always ensure there is extra funding available year upon year to keep these programs going rather than the money raised being donated at once and only being able to spent once with no assurances about future funding to maintain these programs.  And just as importantly – in same way as your retirement savings compound – this allows us to increase the amount of funding available over time without needing more and more donors.

For example Maungatautari and Tawharanui raised the millions of dollars they needed to establish their predator proof fences, but now are reliant on a fragile base of sponsors and funding to keep it maintained. This trust aims to eliminate these sorts of issues, and can with your support.

Charities Commission Registration: CC45285


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